• We report the injustice of consumerism: nothing exists if it's not saleable and nobody exists if they are not consumers.

  • We alert of confusion between subject and object: it's not about being, but having. Or, concretely, it's about pretending to look like having.

  • We stress the banality of appearances: assimilated as a standard behavior to the detriment of needs and functions.

  • We warn about the commercial character of the collective imaginary: reality has become unreal, illusions are on sale and desire's value is exponentially infinite.

  • We regret degradation of individual critical ability: apathy and cession of responsabilities as a mechanism to make decisions.

  • We question the importance of finding solutions: we assume nobody is or could be completely alien to this, but we do want to raise awareness of these ideals as an unavoidable act of responsibility.